Nurture Idaho Comes to BES!

  • Nurture is a non-profit organization anchored in the national movement around nutrition movement around nutrition education and health.  They educate children, families, and communities about making healthy affordable food choices and getting physically active.  Nurture partners with community organizations in a fun, hands-on way with a goal of reducing the risk of obesity and nutritionally related diseases.

    Amy Schlatter

    Meet Amy Schlatter!  Amy began her career teaching a third-grade intervention class in Hamilton, Ohio. Having a special place in her heart for the mountains, she moved her skills to a different classroom in Ketchum, Idaho, where it quickly became apparent just how much nutrition affected her students’ performance. She is currently pursuing a passion by bringing nutrition education into the classroom.  Through Nurture's school program, Amy comes into classrooms of Kindergarten through 2nd graders here at Bellevue Elementary and provides lessons on nutrition, healthy recipes, and encourages students to be mindful of eating from the colors of the rainbow!  Just looks at these lessons from Bellevue Elementary School! For more information, click here for Nurture Idaho!



    Give a person a fish, and feed them for a day..... 
    Teach a person to fish, and feed them for a lifetime!