WOW Generosity at BES

  • WOW Projects Provide Opportunities for Students to Invest Time and Talent to Help Others


    WOW was founded on the belief that generosity is what differentiates great communities. It is the thread that binds our community. We believe that by innovating and thinking differently we can inspire and expand generosity across the Wood River Valley. WOW is passionate about replacing the need to solicit with the joy of connecting with the outcome.

    Engaging our youth is essential for a community to grow and thrive. The challenges that exist in our community can be solved with the tools they will learn combined with their will to help. WOW believes that if the opportunity is provided, our children will be generous; WOW empowers them to change the world and is committed to educating students about the importance of generosity and providing them with the knowledge and skills to continue this tradition throughout their lifetime.

    Initially, this organization will develop and implement a program that will provide $100,000 for the community’s K thru 12 students to invest in opportunities submitted by our community’s core social profits (nonprofits).

    As the students realize the impact that they have through generosity, they will experience opportunities inspired by compassion.  By innovating and thinking differently they can inspire and expand generosity across the Wood River Valley.

    Take a look at the projects Bellevue elementary helped support last year! 

    BES Kindergarten - Hailey Ice Loaner Gear and Free Skate Project

    Mrs. Schley's 3rdGrade - Paralympic athlete Support  ( pictured on left )

    Mrs. Drewien's Class - Feed a 1200 lb. Therapist

    Mr. Cantrell's 5th Grade- Beautify Bellevue


    3rd Grade Support for Wood River Ability Program during the Nordic Festival, 2013