• We are using several resources in Diagnostic Math 1 & 2

    Diagnostic Math 1

    Our goal is to prepare our incoming 9th graders to enter Algebra 1 in 10th grade. 

    Hands On Equations - https://www.borenson.com/

    This manipulative, interactive approach to building and solving linear equations is researched based and highly effective. Students begin with the concept of solving for an unknown, and progress to multi-step, multi-variable equations involving all arithmetic skills. 


    Based on the concept of "Knowledge Space Theory," ALEKS creates an individualized curriculum for each student. As the learner progress though their program, ALEKS' artificial intelligence (AI) continuously maps a student's progress, reassess's areas which require more attention, and confirms mastery of areas completed. This resource is flexible and my be utilized in synchronistic and asynchronistic learning environments. 

    Direct Instruction - After completing the Hands On Equations program, students will be working on the district's Algebra 1 curriculum. This is modeled directly from the first semester of the general education class they will be entering in 10th grade. Direct instruction may take place in a synchronous or asynchronous environment. 


    Diagnostic Math 2 

    This course reinforces and enhances the math skills of our upperclassmen. 

    ALEKS - Students continuing with Diagnostic Math 2 will use their skills to develop an understanding of math applications in real world settings. This includes continuing with ALEKS. 

    Project Based Learning (PBL)https://www.pblworks.org/what-is-pbl  This course seeks to enhance the understanding of math applications through actual projects which bring students into a world where math is applied to everyday situations. Projects such as Build a Food Truck, Tiny Houses, and Rocket Races demonstrate the concept that math is all around us. 

    Scholastic Math - math.scholastic.com - Our access code for this site is wvm99vl. This course focuses on math that is all around us everyday. The emphasis is on the practical application of math skills to navigate socially.