Quotes and Letters of Support

  • Larry Vaughn “The knowledge and skills she developed at each stage of her career makes her a perfect fit for many central administrative positions in a school system, but her love and the most difficult position in most of the schools is the one responsible for improving student achievement for all. She is an expert at doing that.”

    “She is a no-nonsense school administrator with a passion for the underserved student.”

    Larry R Vaughn

    Co-Owner and Founder of Quality Leadership Resources, Inc.

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    Robert Slavin “She is able to master the details of any operation without losing the big picture or forgetting that there is no reason to do anything in education if it does not benefit children.”




    Robert Slavin, Chairman

    Success for All Foundation


    Center for Research and Reform in Education

    Johns Hopkins University

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    Morton Sherman

    "It is important to note that she was able to accomplish so much in ACPS because of her commitment to and belief in bringing people together as an intergral part of her action plan, thereby rarely creating waves which would stop progress."


    "Beyond her skill, knowledge, and experience, Dr. Holmes lives her personal and professional life as a model which benefits community, families, and students. She brings integrity and moral purpose to all that she does."


    When she is hired as a superintendent, it will be for a community which values high expectations, knowledge and experience about how to move schools and a district forward, community engagement, understanding of diversity, and love and respect for all students.”


    Morton Sherman

    AASA Superintendent in Residence


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    Gerald Zahorchak “Dr. Holmes leads from strategic planning through operational execution with superior skills. She is admired by many, and she has my highest recommendation and continued support!”






    Gerald L. Zahorchak, D.Ed.

    Former Secretary of Education (PA)


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    Gretchen Wagner "I am thrilled that Dr. GwenCarol Holmes has been chosen by the School Board to be our next Superintendent.  She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our district and possesses a deep understanding of educational methods, organizational structure, and relationships.  


    After a long and detailed process of interviewing several superbly qualified applicants, she inspired us all anew.  Her answers to the Board’s questions were thorough and thoughtful, but not in a way that was scripted or rehearsed.  Dr. Holmes seemed to strike the perfect balance of idealism and pragmatism.  She listened intently and showed that the thoughts of each individual in the room were valued.  Her broad sense of education included every member of the community, including those that don’t have children in our school system.  


    I would characterize her leadership style as forward thinking, collaborative, efficient, fair, and thoughtful, with an optimistic and focused vision for our School District.  I anticipate that Dr. GwenCarol Holmes will quickly become a familiar and revered fixture in our community and am very excited for what lies ahead."


    Gretchen Wagner, Hemingway and Wood River Middle School parent who served on the interview committee.


    Nancy Madden "Dr. Holmes has great credibility as a leader that is based on her tremendous success as a school principal in Wichita, Kansas.  As principal for a very impoverished elementary school serving over 1000 students, mostly migrant second language learners, Dr. Holmes created a dynamic environment in which teacher collaboration around research proven instructional strategies, coupled with the highest expectations for every child, resulted in 98% success on state assessments of student learning."


    Nancy A. Madden

    President and CEO of Success for All


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