Counseling / Social Work

  • Bellevue Elementary
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  • Would your child benefit from services from our Social Worker, Beth Citron?

    The Blaine County School District provides trained mental health professionals (licensed social workers with Master's degrees) to support student academic, social and emotional success.  Their goal is to minimize or alleviate barriers that interfere with a student's education by providing a multitude of direct and indirect services to ALL students, families and school personnel.

    Meet our social worker, Beth Citron.  Beth wants you to know that parents can refer students to school social workers when they show signs of social or emotional difficulties that interfere with their adjustment and academic achievement in school. Beth provides a number of services for our students at Bellevue Elementary School.  

    Here are some characteristics you may notice in a child that may benefit from services:

    • They appear to have no friends.
    • They do not work up to their known ability.
    • They fail to do the required school work.
    • They appear neglected, abused, or unhappy.
    • They are disruptive to the school environment.
    • They are frequently absent or tardy.
    • They do not respect the rights of others.
    • They regularly complain of not feeling well.
    • They are excessively quiet, shy or withdrawn.
    • They lack problem-solving and decision making skills. 

    See more information at the Blaine County School District Social Workers Website!