Parent Involvement

  • Family involvement pays huge dividends in a child’s education. Every school day, BCSD parents support education, knowing it takes strong teamwork with teachers and other school staff to provide the first-class education all children deserve.

    Help your child succeed 


    • Your interest in your child’s progress and school activities demonstrates that you value education.
    • Communicate with the teacher about your child’s progress and schoolwork.
    • Expect your children to do their best in school.
    • Ask “what did you learn in class” or “tell me about the best part of your day”.
    • Foster a curiosity to learn.
    • Provide space, time and materials for homework.
    • Help children with learning at home through homework, goal setting, and other school-related activities.
    • Ensure nutritious meals, physical activity and rest.
    • Read and have a conversation with your children about books.
    • Limit television viewing and other passive activities.
    • Assist with organization of school items in the evening to be better prepared.
    • Regularly attend parent-teacher conferences.
    • Champion trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
    • Keep informed about the issues that impact education. Get school notices and newsletters via this website, BCSD Weekly Update and from our social media link to BES Facebook located at the bottom of this page.


    Get involved in school life

    At BES, we strive to improve our parent and community partnerships. Together, our smaller school size and dynamic community can offer even greater opportunities for student growth and engagement. We are excited about exploring the many possibilities!  Parents can get involved in many ways:

    • Join our Bellevue Elementary PTA
    • Attend school events
    • Chaperone field trips
    • Speak on career days
    • Assist in your child’s classroom or school
    • Volunteer to participate on a BES planning committee
    • Serve on a District Advisory Group

    For more information about school-based participation opportunities, contact your child's teacher or call our school office at 208-578-5080.