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    Shmoop Test prep resources for ACT, SAT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement Exams

    Wood River High School has partnered with Shmoop University to provide free access to Test Prep Tools 


    Dear Parents, 

    As a part of our commitment to providing your student with the best learning toolsavailable, Wood River High School has partnered with Shmoop University to provide youwith free (yes, actually free, not like “free but with strings attached”) access to hundreds ofdollars worth of Shmoop Online Test Prep.

    Once students have their own personal Shmoop account they will be able to access 100sof practice exams, 1000s of drill problems, and review guides to all the topics that will be on the exams. Each practice problem comes with in-­depth explanations and evenprojected exam scores to help your student prep for the big day.


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    Shmoop currently offers individual prep programs for each of the following exams:

    College Entrance Exam Prep

    •     ACT  

    •     PLAN  

    •     EXPLORE

    •     ISEE – Upper & Lower

    •     SSAT

    •     SAT  

    •     PSAT  

    •     COMPASS

    •     ACCUPLACER

    •     SAT Subject Test: US History

    •     SAT Subject Test: English Literature

    •     SAT Subject Test: Biology

    •     SAT Subject Test: Chemistry

    •     SAT Subject Test: Math

    •     SAT Subject Test: Spanish

    •     SAT Subject Test: Italian

    •     SAT Subject Test: World History

    •     SAT Subject Test: Physics

    •     SAT Subject Test: Latin

    •     SAT Subject Test: German

    •     SAT Subject Test: German with Listening

    •     SAT Subject Test: Japanese with Listening

    •     SAT Subject Test: Spanish with Listening

    •     SAT Subject Test: Korean with Listening

    •     SAT Subject Test: Chinese with Listening


    High School Exit Exam Prep

    •     GED

    •     ASVAB


    Advanced Placement Exam Prep

    •     AP Art History

    •     AP Biology

    •     AP Calculus AB

    •     AP Calculus BC

    •     AP Chemistry

    •     AP Chinese Language and Culture

    •     AP Comparative Government  

    •     AP Computer Science

    •     AP English Language

    •     AP English Literature

    •     AP Environmental Science

    •     AP European History

    •     AP French

    •     AP German  

    •     AP Human Geography

    •     AP Italian Language and Culture

    •     AP Japanese  

    •     AP Latin

    •     AP Macroeconomics

    •     AP Microeconomics

    •     AP Music Theory  

    •     AP Physics B

    •     AP Physics C

    •     AP Psychology

    •     AP Spanish Language

    •     AP Spanish Literature

    •     AP Statistics

    •     AP Studio Art

    •     AP US Government

    •     AP US History

    •     AP World History 


    We encourage YOU the parents, to be involved and even try using your noodle. Login, take a few drills, use the vocabulary flashcards, and explorethis Shmoop world! It speaks your student’s language, so perhaps we can teach you a thing or two.  

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