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  • Read About Bellevue Elementary's Title I Program

    Success in school starts with reading. Bellevue Elementary offers additional reading support through our Title I program for students who may have difficulty learning to read.

    What is Title I?

    Title I is a federal program which began in 1965, under President L.B. Johnson, which provides support to students who are currently performing in the lower quartile of the student population.  Title I funds are distributed in Blaine County Schools based upon the number of students receiving free and reduced lunch.  Bellevue Elementary School qualifies as a Title I school.

    Who is eligible to receive Title I support?

    All children attending a Title I school are eligible to receive services from Title I.  Students who score critically below proficiency on the ISAT or the IRI are eligible for Title I services.  A team consisting of the classroom teacher, Title I teacher, parent, and ESL teacher if applicable, will discuss the needs of the student and how to best meet those needs.  Upon entry, parents must review and sign our BCSD Accountability Agreement.  Formal and informal assessments are used to monitor student progress.

    What does a Title I program look like at Bellevue Elementary School?

    Title I  assistance is provided in addition to the regular classroom instruction.  Students receive specific reading instruction from a reading specialist 3-5 days a week from 20-30 minutes.  Explicit reading instruction includes one or more of the big five areas of reading:

    • Phonemic awareness:  identifying and manipulating individual sounds in words
    • Phonics:  understanding the relationship between sounds and letters
    • Fluency:  the intonation and rate at which an individual reads including accuracy
    • Vocabulary: understanding the meaning of words
    • Comprehension:  gaining meaning and understanding information from text