Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Forms

  • After you have requested a LOR (letter of recommendation) from your teacher(s) and/or counselor via SCOIR, be sure to follow-up by providing them with the appropriate form. This will allow them to create a remarkable LOR.

    And remember...

    • Be thorough with your information provided on this form
    • Give them a deadline to complete their LOR
    • Give them time to complete their LOR for you - minimum 2 weeks notice!
    • Teachers and Counselors will upload the LOR to your SCOIR account and you will not be able to view it

    For outside of the school recommenders...

    • Request a LOR from them and ask that they email it to your College Counselor once it is completed. 
    • Liz Clark (A-G last names) lclark@blaineschools.org
    • Kristen Swafford (H-Z last names) kswafford@blaineschools.org

    To note...

    • Teacher letters focus on the way you work and present yourself in class. 
    • A counselor letter focuses on your life in and out of school, along with any extenuating  circumstances.
    • Providing a LOR form allows your recommender to share a thorough testimonial of your performance, character, and potential.