Social & Emotional Support During COVID-19

  • The Blaine County School District recognizes that the sudden and lengthy closure of schools, stay-at-home orders and the concerns about an aggressive illness in the community have led to trauma for students, staff and families. These stressors come on top of other factors in students’ lives that cause chronic traumatic situations.

    Trauma affects students’ ability to regulate emotions, control behaviors, engage in productive relationships with peers and teachers, and maximize academic learning. (Hanover Research, Learning Loss Through Traumatic Events) BCSD adopted Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards in December of 2016, provided curriculum and staff training on the standards, and expects all students to receive instruction in mastering these standards at each grade level.  

    However, in light of the current pandemic and the trauma it imparts to students, BCSD staff will provide a renewed focus on providing instruction and support for mastering the SEL Standards to enable students to fully engage in learning at school.  

    • Self-Management and Self Awareness: These skills help students handle stress, control impulses, and persevere in achieving learning goals. They are critical for students to monitor their progress towards achieving their academic and personal goals. 
    • Responsible Decision Making: Contributing to the good in one’s classroom and school is essential to creating environments conducive to learning. 
    • Social Awareness and Relationship Skills: These skills are central to success in school through positive peer relationships, cooperation with others, and respectful communication and conflict resolution. 

    The following actions will be taken: 

    • Building leadership will establish a schedule that provides for intentional SEL instruction at least twice per week for at least the first quarter. 
    • Grade-level teams and advisory teams will plan for the intentional SEL instruction at least twice per week for at least the first quarter. These teams will identify a weekly skill to be focused on in these lessons. 
    • Grade-level teams, content teams and advisory teams will plan weekly lessons in their content area that integrate the focus skill/standard for SEL.

    Do you have questions about social and emotional support for students? Contact your child's teacher or learn more about our school social workers here.

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