Learning Scenarios for the 2020-21 School Year

  • The Blaine County School District is planning to reopen for student learning on Tuesday, September 8. Our priority is the health and safety of our students and staff while ensuring all students master the priority Idaho Content Standards. Parents and students should expect changes in school routines (including the bus) throughout the school year as the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community either decreases or increases. Help prepare your child for wearing a cloth face covering, frequent hand washing and physical distancing.  

    For students electing to attend school in person, it is very likely that all three plans will be used at different times of the school year. We will continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community and announce in  late July or early August under which scenario (A - Reunited, B - Strict Social Distancing, or C - Distance Learning) we will start school on September 8. As the year progresses, it is likely we will have to move from one plan to another depending on the infection rate in our community. We understand that being flexible to move from one plan to another will continue to require a good deal from our families and community. 


    Plan A


    Plan B

    Strict Social Distancing

    Plan C

    Distance Learning

    All students at school using healthy and safe practices.

    Half of students at school and half learning from home. Staggered school start and end times to provide more space on buses.

    Distance learning only for all students with their BCSD teachers.


    Regular five day/week schedule according to school master schedules.


    Social distancing (to the extent physical spaces accommodate it) and other safety precautions are implemented (e.g. handwashing, cloth face coverings, minimizing the mixing of students, reducing interactions in hallways, cafeterias, playgrounds)


    *If families prefer an online option, students may maintain BCSD enrollment status and attend courses through IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy).Contact building principals for more information.


    Students will attend school in the classroom two days a week and learn from home the other three days a week. Friday is a day for teachers to work with individual or small groups of students and work in collaborative teams for developing lessons. 


    • Families with a last name that begins with A to L will attend school on Monday and Wednesday and learn from home on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. 


    • Families with a last name that begins with M to Z  will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday and learn from home on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


    • Families with children with multiple last names will follow the schedule for the last name of the oldest child enrolled in BCSD. 


    • Case managers may determine that an individual student’s plan requires that student to attend 4 days a week in order to ensure student goals are met. This would be a small number of students in each school. 




    Adhere to the minimum 4 hours of learning per day the state assumes for full day attendance

    Note: Extracurricular activities and after school activities scheduled at school are cancelled.

    Determination of Learning Plan is based on current local/state conditions and on guidance from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and/or South Central Public Health District, CDC, the Idaho State Board of Education, and the Blaine County Board of Trustees.

    Depending on the spread of COVID-19 in our area, some schools may have all students attending while other schools may only have half of the students attending (or none at all).

    School Master Schedules:

    Each school designates master schedules that may include the following: recess, breaks, handwashing, breakfast, lunch, arrivals/departures, interventions, enrichment, teacher collaboration, communicating with families and students, etc.

    Flexibility Is Key

    While we desire to have all our students in school each day, we understand that the health and safety of our community is the first priority. We may be called upon to only have some students in school at a time or all students at home. Please make plans for how your family will manage the need to change schedules when called upon to do so.