•  Before you go to the following link, read the directions and copy and paste the password if you are going to the online book.


    Choose the book you are studying by hovering over the image of it Click on "resources" NOT "ebook"  Then ...


    A. to access the resources such as workbook, drill and practice, flashcards, etc: "change login" , then "French" & "teb2014" (password) , or for

    B. the online book click on the green circle, then put in the password:

    zqkrqgcuhb (French 3)

    ubcpcrpxyk (French 2)

    kuwubghshr(French 1)  


    You should know which unit we are on and go to it using the red book icon up on the left.  I will use Edline and Google classrooms to post assignments and work.  It is up to you to look in the class folder for the appropriate assignments.