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Degrees and Certifications:

BA: University of South Florida, Finance / Economics MA: University of South Florida, Mathematics

Mr. Davis

Welcome to 7th or 8th grade math, where math and fun collide.  Regardless of grade level, you will see the same teaching approach.  I will spend as little time as possible at the board telling you about math.  Rather, I will guide you to: explore and discover mathematical concepts; unravel how new information fits together; develop deeper critical thinking skills.

Research shows that students learn best by seeing math in a three step progression:  from Enactive to Iconic to Symbolic Representations.  In other words, we begin new material with a hands-on activity; move to a visual understanding with modeling; lastly, transform these ideas into words and mathematical symbols.

While my class is structured, my goal is to have an environment where math and fun collide.  I hope it's your best math class ever!