Parent Information Center Library

  • To preview book available for check out please visit our online BCSD Parent Information Library

    The Parent Information Center offers many support services, including an informational library.  Our library offers a variety of information about learning differences, disabilities, and special education including:  

    ADHD, ADD, and Executive Functioning
    Auditory Processing
    Children’s Books about Learning Differences
    College Resources
    Depression and Bipolar
    Developmental Delays and Cognitive Impairments
    English Language Learners
    Fine Motor
    General Child Development (birth and up)
    General Disability Information
    Gross Motor
    Hearing Impairments
    Learning Disabilities (Overview, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, etc.)
    Medicaid and Katie Beckett Funding
    Physical Disabilities
    Section 504 Plans
    Sensory Disorders
    Social Skills
    Special Education Procedures (RTI, IEPs, Evaluations, etc.)
    Special Education Law
    Speech/Language Delays
    Vision Impairments


    To check out materials, please contact Amanda LaChance at 208-578-5003.