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Carey 5th Grade Attends Idaho Base Camp

      Hi, my name is Andie Simpson. I am in the 5th grade at Carey Elementary. Recently, we went on a field trip to the Idaho Base Camp in Mackay, Idaho. We spent three days there.

 We arrived at Base Camp on Monday morning and we instantly started playing ultimate tag. It was so fun and one of our counselors DaShawn ruled the place. Monday night was a wild stormy night. It kept us up most of the night. It was so windy we thought we were going to blow away.

Tuesday, we got up and tried yoga during our mindful morning. Even Mr. Nilsen tried yoga with us. We were also able to have free time, so we went down to the lake and explored. While exploring we found an animal track. DaShawn said it was either a bear, mountain lion, or his brother. Oh yeah…we learned some science too by learning about rocks and minerals.

Three days at Base Camp were some of the best days!