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BCSD Board of Trustees recognizes Caitlin Olson, Instructional Technology teacher

The BCSD Board of Trustees recognizes Caitlin Olson, Instructional Technology teacher at Hemingway STEAM School! 
She was nominated by Scott Slonim, Engineering Design teacher at Hemingway STEAM School, who had this to say about Ms. Olson’s work: 
“Caitlin has been a teacher for many years, but this is her first year being an instructional technology teacher. 
She has started in a year where her job description has completely changed because of the pandemic. Previously, the job would entail having a computer lab in a classroom with the students coming in once a week for lessons. 
Her job description now, due to the pandemic, is being written as she does it. New things come up all the time. 
She's in charge of all the Chromebooks for every student in the school and making sure that they're working correctly and that they all have chargers. She's in charge of helping teachers and students troubleshoot problems with their Chromebooks and other computers. She's in charge of the IDLA students. She's also a part of standardized testing and all that entails. In addition, she is teaching some instructional technology lessons and also some math lessons as she is a math specialist. 
She is doing all of this with a smile and an incredible work ethic. Figuring out all that needs to be accomplished and getting it done takes a very self-motivated person. She does everything asked of her and if she doesn't know how to do something, she figures it out and gets it done. 
A big reason distance learning is running so smoothly at Hemingway STEAM School is because of Caitlin and all that she puts into it. She is doing an amazing  job during an incredibly hard time. We are extremely lucky to have her at Hemingway STEAM School.”
We are thrilled to recognize Caitlin Olson for her outstanding work this school year!