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Board Accolade: Wood River High School Wrestlers

The BCSD Board of Trustees is recognizing our Wood River High School wrestlers and coaching staff for their perseverance through what has been a very difficult season. 
The team was nominated for a Board Accolade by Activities & Athletics Director Kevin Stilling, who said: 
“From the official beginning of the wrestling season in November through this week's IHSAA state tournament, this group has shown both an exemplary work ethic and a winning attitude.  
While the pandemic has adversely affected many BCSD athletic programs, this is the only program that did not get the benefit of playing in a single contest this season.  
In the sporting world, far too often, we are only concerned about the results from competition and not the rewards and benefits that come from a desire to improve every single day at practice. While there are no results to show from the district or state tournaments, the results of this positive culture will impact our wrestling program for years to come.”
Today, we recognize WRHS wrestlers Grant Green, Michael Hurd, Jacob Drummond, Payton Sorensen and Drake Humphreys, as well as Head Coach Derek Ruhter and Assistant Coach Kevin Baker.