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HexBug drawing Using a simple toy robot, specifically, a HexBug Nano, marking pens, rubber bands, paper cups, and a little bit of modeling clay, students created "Drawbots". When turned on, the motor inside the HexBug rotates a counterweight. The rotation of the counterweight causes a down force that makes the legs bend, moving the HexBug forward. It also produces an up force which allows the legs to unbend and it hops. Believe it or not, this up and down movement happens several hundred times per second, cuasing the Nano to move forward. When attached to marking pens that are configured as a tripod, it causes the pens to move in a spiral direction creating some very interesting designs. Some attached 3 pens and a HexBug to a paper cup with similar results. Student made improvements as needed and each grade created an interesting and colorful mural.

Enjoy these photos!