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Future Cities Idaho Competition

Future City winners Hemingway’s Middle School GATE students will add two new plaques to theschool’s trophy case in the lobby after participating in the Future Cities Idaho Competition in Boise on Saturday, January 12 th . Two teams were formed with the challenge of creating a city at least 100 years in the future with a power grid resilient to a natural disaster common to their chosen location for their city. The  competition consisted of submitting a project plan following the Engineering Design Process, a 1500-word essay, a virtual city using SimCity, a physical model of a section of their city using recycled materials, and three members were to give a 7-minute presentation skit about their future city and their solution to the challenge to various judges. The city of “Atlantis” was created by Rya Nichols, Clara Gvozdas, Lowie Watkins, Marek Ruttler, Dylan Prabowo, and Teddy Hobbs, with Clara, Lowie, and Marek presenting. Their city, located in the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean, was made of submersible domes to weather out hurricanes.
Their team won the Special Award for Most Innovative Design of Water Infrastructure Systems. “New Athens” created by Zach Quesnel, Sarah Leidecker, Dane Groll, Oliver Mullen, Katie Gardiner, and Audrey Morawitz chose a city inGreece designed to be resilient to earthquakes using Magnetic Field Architecture. Their team’s presenters, Zach, Dane, and Sarah, accepted a team award for Best  Transportation System with their Hyperloop. This was a rewarding culmination to the four-month long project-based learning program, “Future Cities,” sponsored by Discover Engineering and ISTEM. Way to go teams! Enjoy a few more photos.