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Important Information About Transportation

August 15, 2019


Dear Parents and Guardians of Hailey Elementary Students,

We are committed to making our school as safe as possible. We recognize that some of our decisions might be an inconvenience for you and we apologize in advance.  We will be making a few changes to our student “Drop Off and Pick Up” in order to make it safer for your students and staff.

Here are the new procedures that we would like to implement and we are grateful for your support. There are three locations where you may drop off your child:

Elm Street

Front Office Drop Off Loop on Elm:

When dropping off your child please pull forward and have your child ready to exit the car quickly!  It is similar to the airport: Do not leave your car unattended and have your child be ready to exit the vehicle quickly.  The reason is back up and congestion become a problem for the students and other Hailey Elementary Community members when there is a car not moving forward in the flow.   Thank you for your attention to this safety issue. 

First Street

Biggest Change is on First Street.  The parking spots will be eliminated leaving a more prominent drop off area.  It is a modified drop off loop. Please pull in, have your child ready to exit the car, and continue leaving the school area.  This again is like the airport: Do not leave the car unattended; we are trying to facilitate some safe places for drop off while respecting the neighborhood area.   (All students being dropped off here will be entering the gate onto the playground). There are still 2 Handicap Parking spaces available and four faculty parking spots.

Third Street

The Bus Loop is for the school busses only.  Please make sure that you follow this request.  No other vehicles are allowed in this area. Please pull into the upper parking lot on Third Street and let your child walk down the sidewalk to the playground. 

Reminder:  Food Delivery and Garbage pick up area( Dumpsters)

Please note that this is not a drop off area and is a safety concern for students. 

We are so thankful for your support and understanding as we look at the safety and welfare of our Hailey Elementary students.

Educationally Yours,

Ms. Toni