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 “Even though Mrs. Swanson took on the daunting task of teaching calculus to high school students, she consistently ensured everyone was on the page and always provided resources for additional help in learning the material. If you didn't understand something right away, she'd work with you one-on-one until you got it down. This helped every student pass the AP Calculus exams with flying colors. Her teaching skills and constant encouragement even influenced my decision to choose a math- and science-dominant degree in college since I knew I was capable of understanding complex concepts with just a little bit of effort. She's an excellent teacher and greatly deserves acknowledgement.”

(Trail Gralenski, WRHS Class of 2018)


“Mrs. Swanson works extremely hard to ensure her students' success. She has many open classroom hours to provide extra help to her students. She often uses her own personal time to help her students. She teaches a variety of work to students to be sure they will be ready for anything on the test. There is a reason why her students do so well on the AP Exams.”

(DJ Gralenski, WRHS Class of 2020)