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Compassionate and Caring Students Honor a Friend

Compassionate and Caring Students Honor a Friend Friends of Nolan Kreczkowski created a living memorial two years ago by building houses for Bluebirds and installing them near both Ketchum and Stanley, Idaho. Their compassion and caring has sustained a large effort to incorporate Bluebird houses near local trails, contributing to the future of the state bird, as well is inspiring others to care about Bluebird habitat.

According to Girl Scout leader and mom Leslie Feltman, “Girl Scout Troop 230 erected two Bluebird trails two years ago in memory of Nolan. One has 25+ houses out Greenhorn Gulch and the other has 40+ houses on Nip N Tuck Road outside of Stanley Idaho. By putting up special Bluebird boxes, or nest boxes, we hope to insure that the Idaho state bird, the Mountain Bluebird, never faces being listed as endangered as it was close to once. We had  success with nests in all but three houses. This year friends of Nolan in addition to the Girl Scout Troop worked on three different days to repair and clean out the houses and get them ready for the arrival of bluebirds next spring.  We also have 2 geocache bluebird houses that have a hidden compartment with a small book about Nolan and ways for people to honor and remember him. One geocache is on the Wood River Bike Path and the other is near the top of Nip N Tuck. The troop was inspired by the documentary, Bluebird Man, about Al Larson, a 93 year old Idaho man who has dedicated over 35 years of his life to helping bluebirds, and hopes to inspire the next generation of citizen scientists.”