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Board Accolades

Millie Reidy

Millie Reidy, Wood River High School College and Career Counselor

Dear Board of Trustees, 
After another successful year of watching my seniors go on to great adventures, I think it is important to recognize an essential person that works diligently to help them accomplish their graduation goals. Wood River High School is extremely fortunate to have Millie Reidy, a person that should be applauded for her incredible efforts to see our students succeed after high school.  
For the past three years I have had the opportunity to work with Millie Reidy as she worked with my advisory students. Millie is an incredible asset to our school and our district. She learns each student's name, their status in their class and their goals for the future.  She gives 100% to meet student needs and encourages students to reach their full potential. Millie met with each of our seniors to make sure that each student was heard and that they were matched with appropriate schools. She hosted informational nights for parents and students to answer questions and distribute information about financial aid. She helped families with paperwork and gave out information about scholarship opportunities. She created a program that surveyed students to quickly match them to local scholarships and helped teachers with letters of recommendation. As students worked on applications, Millie contacted schools to find out what schools were looking for in future enrollments. Millie is in constant contact with universities and encourages students to go beyond their comfort zone.  

As a former Wood River graduate, I can tell you firsthand how valuable she has been to our students. It is hard to see students leave the valley but it is inspiring to see them take leaps and be able to do so because of the help and encouragement they have received from Millie. I wish there had been someone as knowledgeable and passionate here when I attended the school. She is one of our student's greatest advocates and our community is very lucky to have her here in our district. 
Submitted by: Erika Greenberg 

Brad Henson Brad Henson, Alturas Elementary Principal 

Our amazing principals often go without much praise, so I wanted to quickly share with you an event from today. 
One of my 5th grade buddies wasn't feeling well, and ended up getting sick on the library floor. When a janitor was nowhere to be found, Principal Brad leapt into action, donning his own pair of latex gloves. He not only helped to soothe my student, but also did the dirty work of cleaning up the mess. 
I know that PB doesn't see this action as much more than just "doing his job", but to me it represents so much more. It shows me that I am led by a principal who sees himself as an equal to every person on our staff. He is a principal who doesn't let the obstacles get in his way. He shows compassion and kindness in each and every one of his actions. He is a principal I can count on no matter what our day may bring. Most importantly, I know that he is a leader who leads by example. He would never ask me to do anything that he would not be willing to do himself. 
Working for a leader such as Principal Brad is not only a humbling experience, but each day I show up for work knowing that he will bring out the very best in each of his staff members and students.  I am so proud to be a teacher at Alturas because of our very own PB! 
Submitted by: Kiley Hoefer, 5th Grade English Teacher at Alturas Elementary 

Jesse Neet Jesse Neet, Wood River High School Social Studies Teacher

Jesse Neet builds exceptional relationships with students. Kids trust him. He works hard to build healthy, consistent relationships with his students and his hard work pays off: Students always name Jesse Neet as not only their favorite teacher, but also their "go to" staff member when they need advice or help with any number of issues. They pick him because they know he respects them. You can find lots of his kids in his classroom before and after school and during lunch, but they also know they can reach him after hours or during the summer for advice or help on any issue. Jesse embodies what it means to teach to the whole student. 
Submitted by: Sharma Thornton