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Students Compete on the World Stage

photo of wood river high school vex robotics team at world competition May 13, 2019
Wood River High School teacher Kevin Lupton sent a recap of the competition at VEX Robotics:
"The Wood River Middle School and High School robotics teams returned from the world championships after six days of fun and intense competition. It indeed is the WORLDS; 36 countries in attendance and the final championship match, complete with a laser light show, pitted two teams from China against one team from China and a team from New Jersey.
Our 8th and HS teams both finished with five wins and six losses. Going from our little Idaho bubble to the World Championship is always a huge jump for our kids. In Idaho we generally win most tournaments and our kids are used to that. At Worlds they experience defeat on a big scale and that is the learning experience. They did a great job of competing and won two of the last three matches to finish strong. The 8th-grade team did the same thing and competed to the end. Jeremy Silvis and I were proud of them for that.
The WRHS team in attendance was Asher Holden, Ethan Gray, Otto Olson, Tate Pearce, Cole Taylor, Kaia Wolfrom, Elizabeth Baledge and Josh Blacker.
8th-grade team in attendance was Colton Whitesell and Dawson Torres."
Wood River Middle School teacher Jeremy Silvis added, "The 7th-grade team that advanced to the finals at worlds last year finished 26th in their division this year.  Wood River had been dominating in VEX IG and VEX Robotics for the last several years.  I believe our teams have taken more trips to worlds than any other Idaho teams.  The success stems from a collaboration between elementary, middle school, and high school Engineering teachers." 
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