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Blaine County School District Superintendent Makes Recommendation for New Hailey Principal

Toni Boush Traducción al español

Superintendent Dr. GwenCarol Holmes announced her selection for Hailey Elementary Principal today.  Her recommendation to the Board of Trustees will be to hire Ms. Toni Boush who is currently the Elementary Principal at the American School of Brasilia, Brasil.  

Superintendent Holmes states, “Ms. Toni Boush was the Interview Committee’s unanimous top choice for the new Hailey Elementary Principal. Ms. Boush brings a positive high energy leadership style and a passion for inclusive diversity. She has worked in both Eagle and Roaring Fork School Districts in Colorado and understands the dynamics and beauty of mountain communities.”

Ms. Boush was the elementary principal at Ruamrudee International School in Bangkok, Thailand for six years. For the past three years, she has been a principal at the American School of Brasilia, Brasil.  Previous to her international work, she was the Middle School Principal in Minturn, Colorado, a part of the Eagle Colorado School District, for nine years. She was assistant principal for two years in the Roaring Fork School District, Colorado.  Prior to entering administration, she was an elementary teacher. She has been an educator for 28 years.

Her accomplishments include improving student achievement, developing and strengthening early childhood programs, providing professional development based on student data and standards, providing strong support for English Language Learners, improving elementary literacy, and incorporating outdoor programs into the learning at school.

Ms. Boush selection as the final candidate came after an extensive interview process that included Hailey Elementary parents, staff, and district administrators.  A Meet and Greet with Hailey parents and staff was the final phase of the interview and selection process. Superintendent Holmes’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees will be considered at the meeting on Tuesday, April 9.  If approved by the Board, Ms. Boush will begin her contract mid-summer.