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Wagons Ho!

Branding at Wagons Ho! Lassoing at Wagons Ho! Tug of War at Wagons Ho

Last week the 4th graders ventured to Hailey Elementary to participate in the annual Wagons Ho!

Wagons Ho!, a day-long event for every 4thgrader throughout Idaho, is an effective teaching tool about the early days of the West. Kids get hands on experience sawing logs, washing clothes on a washboard, priming a pump for water, lighting candles, lassoing, branding, making toys, using pioneer tools, and Dutch oven cooking. Students also learn to keep small journals about their experience that they use later to write letters to the Clevengers.

From the start of the day to the very end, Wagons Ho is a lesson not only in history, but in what it takes to be a team in order to survive. Wagons Ho! has become an important part in finding an interest in history and the outdoors. Credit to:

It looks like our 4th graders had a wonderful day at Wagons Ho. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped make Wagons Ho a great experience for our Bellevue Bears.

Sawing wood at Wagons Ho. Girls at Wagons Ho. Sack Race at Wagons Ho.