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Read Across Idaho Summer Reading Challenge

Read Across Idaho Summer Reading Challenge

It’s time to hit the road and start reading!  That’s right, this summer the reading challenge is to read Idaho Highway Historical Markers.  Idaho Highway Historical Markers provide readers with information about the geography and history in Idaho.  There are over 500 state markers installed on Idaho highways, but we don’t expect you to read them all!  In fact, there are a few right here around us. 

Each student will be given a passport to record their stops and what they have learned.  We encourage students to keep their passport in the car along with a pencil and/or markers to color with.

Students will turn in their passports in the fall for a chance to win an Idaho prize!  Prizes include sweatshirts, blankets, mugs, water bottles, stickers, a national parks annual pass, and more!  Students need to fill in at least 2 entries into their passports for a chance to win a prize.

So hop on into your car, truck, van, or camper, pull over, read, and learn about Idaho history!  


Happy Reading!

The Bellevue Elementary Staff