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Silver Creek Students Write About Beliefs

Students at Silver Creek High School chose to write either an op-ed article or a “This I Believe” paper for their English class. Each group of students had different requirements based on their grade level.  Some chose to model their paper after an op-ed which is a newspaper opinion piece; others chose the "This I Believe" format, which is modeled after the NPR "This I Believe" series. 

Students chose their own beliefs out of the ether and ground them in the events that are starting to shape their core values. They considered moments when belief was formed, or tested, or changed. They used their own experience, school, work, and family. They told of the things that they know that no one else does—or that they discovered while researching a topic that sparks a passion. 

Their papers are symbols of the essence of who they are, what they believe, and where they are going. Sun Valley Center for the Arts will partner with SCHS in March to create visual images of what they wrote and spoke about in this powerful narration!

Check out the video here