The Local Scholarship Program is made up of over 50 generous scholarship opportunities provided by Blaine County supporters!

    The 2022 program will run December 13, 2021 until February 28, 2022.


    1. View the 2022 Scholarships List
    2. If you meet the criteria of a scholarship, click the hyperlinked scholarship name for more information and access to the application.
      • Note that SVMoA scholarships have their own application. 
    3. For all others, click on the application link and then MAKE A COPY of the application.
      • This option is found under FILE.
      • Name the copied application by your 5-digit student ID.
    4. Carefully complete the application.
    5. If they are required, request your Letters of Recommenation (LORs) well in advance!
      • Include the Recommendation link in your LOR request.
      • Include the name of the scholarship in your LOR request.
    6. Submit your completed application by the deadline.
      • Most scholarships are due February 28, 2022.
      • Note that SVMoA scholarships are due February 23, 2022.


    Many of the scholarship use the Standard Essay. I this possible that this essay can be used for all scholarships that require the Standard Essay.

    • Standard essay prompt - In 250-650 words, share a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution, challenge, or learning experience that is important to you and why.

    Not all scholarships require an essay.

    Some scholarships require additional essays in addition to or in place of the Standard Essay. Prompts are found in the WRITING sections of the individual applications. 


    Help? Questions? Contact your Career & College Counselor for further information.