School Board

Request for Public Records

  • What is a public record?

    A public record is any record containing information relating to the conduct or administration of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by any state agency, independent public body corporate and politic or local agency, and which is prepared or retained by any state or local agency.

    The Board Clerk is Blaine County School District’s identified Records Officer. Blaine County School District provides access to public records under the provisions of the Idaho Public Records Law and Idaho Code §74-101 through 74-126.

    Records maintained by Blaine County School District are available for public inspection unless specifically exempted by law. You are entitled to access public records, under reasonable conditions, and to copies of those records upon paying the costs of making the copy. In most cases, you do not have to explain why you want the records. However, specific information may be necessary to process your request. We may require information necessary to establish if disclosure would violate certain provisions of law.


    How do I submit a public records request?

    You may submit requests online here, or in person at the Blaine County School District, 118 W. Bullion St. Hailey, ID  83333. Please call 208-578-5003 or email the Board Clerk at with any questions.


    Is there a fee for public records?

    No fee shall be charged for the first two (2) hours of labor in responding to a request for public records, or for copying the first one hundred (100) pages of paper records that are requested. (Idaho Code Section 9-338(10) all cost per in-house copy). For the fee schedule click here.

    Note: Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to open the forms.


    Was the information you are requesting discussed at a recent Board meeting?

    Please see the bookmarked agenda for this meeting and/or watch the webcast for more information.