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Board of Trustees On Monday, January 13, three new Trustees took their oath of office for four-year terms on the Blaine County School District Board of Trustees.  We welcomed Trustees Amber Larna, Keith Roark and Lara Stone.  They joined Trustee Rob Clayton and Trustee Kelly Green.  After taking the oath of office, the Trustees elected Trustee Roark as Chair of the Board and Trustee Green as Vice-Chair.  You can watch the meeting on our YouTube Channel.

Duties of the Trustees of Blaine County School District

The powers and duties of the Trustees of Blaine County School District are set forth throughout Title 33 of the Idaho Code and policies of the Idaho State Department of Education and are summarized in terms of nine broad functions.

  1. To establish the educational policies of the school district;
  2. To determine the personnel policies of the school system;
  3. To select and employ a well-qualified superintendent of schools to manage the system;
  4. To employ the necessary personnel upon the recommendation of the superintendent of schools;
  5. To establish the educational and administrative structure of the school system, external and internal;
  6. To provide and maintain the physical plant and equipment;
  7. To assume and carry out the responsibility for the raising, spending, and accounting for the funds to support the school system;
  8. To evaluate the accomplishments of the system;
  9. To plan for the continued effectiveness and further improvement of the school system.

To learn more about the Board of Trustees and their roles and responsibilities, visit the School Board page.