Borrowing Policies

  • Using Materials

    • Books can be checked out for three weeks (15 school days).  If books are still being read when that period is up, students can renew their book for another two weeks.
    • Grades 3 thru 12 can check out a maximum of three books.  Grades PK-2 can check out one book.  
    • Reference materials cannot be checked out.  It is recommended that students use these books in the library; however, there is a scanner that students can use to scan and save book pages.
    • Carey School does not charge fines for books being overdue.  However, if a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, students will need to reimburse the school for the cost of replacing the book.  

    Using Computers

    • The library has 12 computers for students to use for research, looking up books or other school work.  Students are welcome to use these computers, provided they show responsibility in their searching.  Any student that is seen misusing computers will temporarily lose their computer privileges in the library.

    Student Volunteers

    • Students are encouraged to sign up to work in the library.  Being a library aide is a 1 credit course and would entail helping the librarians in the high school or elementary library.  Responsibilities include checking in and out books, reshelving books, and other book related tasks.  Students need to have a strong work ethic, be able to show initiative, and be able to prioritize tasks.  Interested students may contact Miss Luke or Ms. Hochendoner.