Carey School Library

  • The Carey School Media Center has two libraries – one for grades PK-6 and one for grades 7-12.  There are two employees who alternate between the libraries and provide technological, library circulation, and instructional services.  Each library has an attached computer lab and a collection of reading material. 

    The mission of the Carey School Media Center is to encourage students to become lifelong learners.  The library media center provides resources that will enhance the educational experience and uses those resources to promote literacy and teach students how to effectively access and use information. 

    Carey School Media Center Objectives:
    The objectives of the librarians are:

    1. To teach students to access, evaluate and use information
    2. To maintain and build a balanced collection of resources to meet the needs of the school (this includes databases, books, and electronic devices)
    3. To collaborate with other teachers to incorporate resources that will enhance education.
    4. To create a welcoming and comfortable learning environment.
    5. To encourage school-wide participation in library-related activities. 

    Long Term Goals
    The long term goals of this library are:

    1. Establish a welcoming environment which students will voluntarily enter
    2. Collaborate with other teachers to develop and improve instruction
    3. Increase use of online databases
    4. Plan and implement monthly library events and/or clubs
    5. Research opportunities for community involvement, such as book fairs or interlibrary loan.


  • Carla Scanlon
    (208) 578-5040 x 2418

    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.