Fundraising/Dance Approval Information

  • All school sponsored fundraisers and dances must be approved in a two step-process.  First, the event must be presented and approved at a student council meeting.  If possible, the responsible party will present their fundraiser, after which the student council will vote whether to approve or disapprove the fundraiser.

    If a fundraiser is approved, it will next pass on to the principal for final approval.  If the fundraiser/dance is not approved, the student council adviser will inform the necessary people.  

    The following information is required for each fundraiser and dance request form:

    • Group name
    • A quick description of fundraiser activity
    • Proposed dates of the fundraiser
    • Location
    • Purpose of fundraiser
    • A more detailed description of the fundraiser
    • Chaperones (if necessary)
    • Signatures of group president and advisor

    Additional information required for dance requests:

    • Person responsible for money collection
    • Who will order the cash box and be responsible for it
    • Sponsoring group organizers
    • Music provided by:
    • Refreshments will be:
    • Names of refreshment servers
    • Names of those responsible for clean-up

    Fundraiser and Dance Request forms can be picked up in the front office.  Teachers can also accept these documents through the network student folder.