Yearly Student Council events

  • By tradition, the student council prepares and participates in 5 large events each year.

    1. Homecoming Week - the student council, in cooperation with the class presidencies, has the opportunity to plan spirit activities that take place during homecoming week.  This includes lunch activities, the painting of the rock and the homecoming parade.
    2. Christmas Baskets - each year a food drive is planned to provide foods for families that may want some help during the Christmas season.  Each grade (from PK-12) bring either  canned food or an assigned food while the student council provides turkeys.  These are then delivered to the families right before Christmas break.  
    3. Yearly fundraiser - in order to raise funds for school activities, the students choose and plan a yearly fundraiser.  As it is chosen by the students, this can vary by year.  In years past, the students have planned a chili dinner, selling Idaho products and selling Valentines flowers.  This is an opportunity for students to develop initiative.
    4. Roadside cleanup - the student council has adopted a portion of Highway 20 to clean.  This cleanup takes place at the end of May and they invite the National Honor Society to also participate.  
    5. End of Year Barbecue - the last week of school, the student council hosts a barbecue for students 7-12.