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    Kindergarten Curriculum Goals

    Kindergarten at Alturas Elementary School will be a fun and exciting time for your child.

    Understanding the goals, curriculum, and expectations will allow you to help and guide your child at home as you support his/her school experience.

    Behavioral/Social Goals               We are getting ready for the day!

    • Listen and participate during group time
    • Staying on task in an independent or small group activity
    • Working cooperatively in a group of 2 or 3, taking turns and sharing materials
    • Following directions and classroom rules
    • Being able to read social cues or follow actions of others
    • Express/identify feelings
    • Friendships
    • Know personal information: parents' names & other family members, phone number, address, birthday, first & last name
    • Being a good sport, playing fair

    Reading Goals

    • Recognizing capital and lower case letters
    • Understanding letter and sound relationships
    • Identify more than 48 letter names per minute & 36 letter sounds per minute
    • Understanding print concepts:  knowing what a word is, knowing that print goes left to right and top to bottom, recognizing the term author, illustration, book cover, title page
    • Participating in shared reading (big books, morning messages, etc.)
    • Participating in guided reading (small books with repetitive text)
    • Recognizing rhyming words
    • Learning sight words
    • Learning to spell a select group of words

     Math GoalsMate

    • Counting to 100
    • Recognizing numerals to 20
    • Participating in calendar work:  counting reciting pattern, knowing days of the week, months, seasons counting by fives and tens
    • Copying, recognizing and creating patterns
    • Sorting, classifying, and counting groups of objects
    • Writing numerals 1-20
    • Adding and subtracting with manipulatives
    • Solving simple story problems
    • 1 to 1 correspondence to 30
    • Understanding more than, less than, equal to
    • Recognizes shapes

    Fine Motor Goals

    • Writing comfortably with a pencil in lines and spaces
    • Cutting with scissors comfortably
    • Controlling a crayon and marker
    • Buttoning and zipping coats
    • Manipulating a backpack
    • Tying shoes

    Writing Goals

    • Helping teacher write words and sentences by supplying letter sounds
    • Using letter/sound relationships to attempt to write words and sentences independently
    • Learning the proper formation of letters
    • Writing first and last name


    All kindergarten children are given the opportunity to receive out of class instruction in Art, Music, Technology, and P.E.  Weekly visits are also made to the school library to listen to stories and participate in book appreciation activities. Students visit the Computer Lab weekly to practice computer skills.

    Parents are always welcome in our program. Opportunities for parent participation are arranged to accommodate parent's schedules with respect for cultural and family differences.


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