• Welcome to Engineering Technology!

    Engineering is the means by which humans solve problems, fill needs, and create new products and procedures.

    Technology is every process or innovation that humans have or will have designed, invented, or constructed to solve a problem or fill a need.


    Engineering Technology Mission Statement

    The mission of the Blaine County Engineering Technology Curriculum is to empower students to become effective problem solvers, collaborators, innovators and communicators. Through standards based projects, Blaine County students will investigate the nature of technology, technology’s impact on society, the design process, and abilities of a technologically designed world.

    Embedded within these projects, students will apply science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the following 21st Century skills.

    Learning and innovation skills

                • Creativity and innovation

                • Critical thinking and problem solving

                • Communication and collaboration

    Life and Career skills

                • Flexibility and adaptability

                • Initiative and self-direction

                • Social and Cross Cultural Skills

                • Productivity and accountability

    It's a new year at our school!

    I am so excited to begin our new year as the Alturas Elementary Engineering Technology program!  We will have fun learning from one another as we work to design solutions to engineering problems.

    Look for these upcoming projects:


                    Building with various systems (Kids’ K’nex, Marble Runs, Duplos, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs)

                    Learning to build from diagrams

    First Grade

                    Extending building skills to regular K’nex


                    Solar energy and green houses

                    Roamer robotics

    Second Grade

                    Materials engineering

                    Simple Machines

                    Wind energy

    Third Grade

                   Straw rockets

                    WeDo robotics


    Fourth Grade


                    Architectural design

                    Potential and kinetic energy


    Fifth Grade

                    Sound and speaker design

                    Electric generation

                    Alternative energy

                    Bottle rockets