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  • Yayyy, Library is Back!


    Important Information: Please read!


    We are starting to check out books again. The library remains closed for visits or browsing, but I will bring books to your child.

    For grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade, I will be visiting classrooms with a selection of books for your child to choose from. 4th and 5th-grade students will "order" their books from our library's catalog. I will then deliver these books to their classrooms. All students can borrow books for 2 weeks. Safety continues to be our first priority. Books will be disinfected and quarantined for 72 hours before they are allowed to be checked out by a new student.


    I am very excited to bring books to your student. I still encourage you to visit our public libraries to make sure you have plenty of reading material at home. 

    Thank you,

    Miss Maggie

    Welcome to the Alturas Elementary Library.

    The library at Alturas Elementary has an extensive collection of both English and Spanish language materials. We encourage students and families to utilize our print and on-line resources. We have fiction, non-fiction, picture books and reference materials. We have four computers to access digital reference material, internet resources, A.R. testing and to search our catalog through our on-line database: Destiny.

    • Spanish and English materials
    • Computers: 4 student computers
    • Each student has the opportunity to visit the library weekly with his/her class.
    • Students are encouraged to check out English and Spanish books.
    • Students can keep books for two weeks.
    • Open Library during the school day for students to re-new or check-out books when needed.
    • Lost or damaged books must be paid for in a timely manner.
    • Parents are always welcome to visit our library!

    Bienvenidos a la biblioteca!

    • Horario : Lunes a viernes de 7:15 a.m. a 3:00 p.m.
    • Tenemos materiales en español e inglés.
    • Computadoras: Tenemos 4 computadoras estudiantiles
    • Cada estudiante tendrá la oportunidad de visitar la biblioteca cada semana con su salón de clases.
    • Alentamos a los estudiantes a que lean un libro en inglés y un libro en español.
    • La biblioteca estará abierta durante el dia escolar para que los estudiantes tengan oportunidad de renovar o pedir libros prestados cuando necesiten.
    • Estudiantes que tengan libros extraviados o dañados tendrán que pagar por ellos lo más pronto posible.
    • ¡Los padres de familia siempre son bienvenidos a visitar nuestra biblioteca!

    La biblioteca de la escuela Alturas tiene una amplia colección de materiales en inglés y español. Alentamos a los estudiantes y familias a que utilicen nuestros recursos impresos y en línea. Tenemos libros de ficción y de no ficción, libros de ilustraciones y libros de referencia. Tenemos 4 computadoras disponibles para que los estudiantes puedan acceder materiales digitales de referencia, recursos en línea, exámenes de A.R. y búsqueda en catalogo electrónico: Destiny.