Gifted and Talented Education

  •  “Not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or equal motivation, but children have the equal right to develop their talent, their ability, and their motivation.”   ~ John f. Kennedy


    The Blaine County School District’s Gifted Program aims to meet the diverse needs of gifted and talented students with a high degree of excellence.  The District’s GATE Program recognizes the unique needs of students who possess substantially exceptional gifts and talents and with whom specialized support provided through the GATE Program, will sustain challenge and continued educational growth and motivation. A primary resource for the district in providing quality GATE services and support is the National Association of Gifted Children.


    The GATE program maximizes opportunities beyond the traditional educational experience for students demonstrating superior gifts and talents, helping them realize their full potential.


    El programa GATE maximiza las oportunidades para los estudiantes que demuestran dones y talentos superiores, más allá de la experiencia educativa tradicional, al ayudarles a desarrollar todo su potencial.


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