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Law Enforcement Joins Blaine County School District to Keep Students Safe on Buses

law enforcement with students in front of a bus National School Bus Safety Week is October 21-25.  To recognize National School Bus Safety week, officers from the Blaine County Sheriff's office and the Hailey Police Department joined Alturas Elementary students, Principal Henson and bus drivers to remind the community about school bus safety.

Law enforcement officers from Hailey and Blaine County Sheriff's office will ride-along on school buses to monitor the traffic and help enforce stop-arm violations. Almost every school day in Blaine County, bus drivers report that a car does not stop to let students cross the street or a car drives around a bus while students are loading and unloading.  This is called a stop-arm violation and it occurred 144 times last school year.  It puts kids in danger, it's illegal and it's happening almost every school day in Blaine County.  

We encourage engaged driving all the time, especially around schools and school buses. According to the Idaho Transportation Department,  “When you are behind the wheel, driving is the most important thing you can do. Make the choice to drive in the moment and free from distractions, make the SHIFT to engaged driving.”