Principal's Page

  • Magical Momments To the Students and Families of Alturas Elementary, Thank you for allowing all of us at Alturas to be part of your educational careers.  I hope while at Alturas you will always feel challenged, encouraged, and inspired to explore the academic opportunities around you.  I trust each of you will strive to be an active and important part in making Alturas, your school, an exceptional educational institution where all are welcomed and celebrated for the individual gifts you bring to the learning environment we create together. Our Alturas staff is dedicated to guiding you to success in your academics, interests, and social relationships. Together we will celebrate the amazing accomplishments you will make in each of these areas.  I am excited to watch each of you grow, discover new talents, listen as you share your perspectives, and learned wisdom together as a supportive and collaborative group of learners, teachers, and explores.

    Your teachers and I are dedicated to providing a safe and engaging learning environment which celebrates you as individuals, and fosters the strength and collaborative power of you as learners. It is up to you to make the most of your educational experience. 

    Thank you for sharing your laughs, your stories, your smiles, your effort, your hopes, and your time in making Alturas School, the heart of the Woodside neighborhood and the best gathering place for learning.  Continue to always try your best.  Be fearless in your exploration of knowledge, and inspire others around you to be awesome. You are and will always be an outstanding member of our community.  I hope you will always feel and remember, like I do, the time you spend at Alturas as simply THE BEST. 

    Continue to BE GREAT – I would expect nothing less. 

    Principal Brad