Language Development Through Co-Teaching

  • The integration of content and language is one of the four big ideas interwoven throughout the WIDA ELD Standards Framework. Co-teaching is an instructional method that does just that. 

    We believe this powerful instructional strategy enhances learning for all students and supports teachers in meeting their students' diverse needs through collaboration.

    The purpose of co-teaching in Blaine County School District is:

    • To engage diverse learners in the core curriculum within the classroom
    • For content teachers to expand their knowledge of planning and differentiating to meet the unique needs of individual learners
    • For specialists to expand their knowledge of core content benchmarks 
    • And, to promote collaboration with colleagues

    According to the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020, “The integration of content and language for multilingual learners promotes 

    • Understanding the connections between content and language 

    • Making meaning within and across content areas (disciplines) 

    • Interaction of students with each other in challenging content activities 

    • Coordination of design and delivery of curriculum, instruction, and assessment”

    Contact your child's school’s ELD specialist or building principal for more information about co-teaching.