Our District Communities

  • Blaine County

    Describing the communities that comprise the Blaine County School District is no easy feat. For starters, the area receives more than 250 days of sunshine and is a year-round paradise for outdoor recreation of all kinds—whether self-propelled or motorized, independent or guided.

    The famous Sun Valley Resort, situated in Blaine County, enjoys a reputation as one of the best snowsport destinations in the world. However, no matter the season, one can enjoy plenty of open space, varied terrain and developed facilities for downhill and Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, climbing, water sports, fishing and hunting.

    Blaine County is also much more than a world-class recreation and resort destination. Its diverse and lively towns reflect progressive communities striving to balance growth and preserve open space and natural resources. A regional bus system has expanded to meet transportation needs. Affordable housing programs have been instituted. The area has an excellent public school system, a new hospital facility, well-stacked public libraries, museums and art galleries and great restaurants and pubs.

    People of all ages and interests have access to a wide variety of programs through our schools, libraries, the College of Southern Idaho, Blaine County Recreation District, Senior Center, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, numerous nonprofit groups and the YMCA—to name just a few. Music and theater thrive here. Our vibrant Hispanic community enriches the culture of the place. The list of weekly activities in local newspapers is extensive.

    Blaine County’s beautiful environment, energetic communities, and quality of life will reward anyone who chooses to visit or consider making it home.