Quick Facts

  • Below is information about BCSD students and schools, including demographics and enrollment as of 11/3/2017. The first Friday of November marks the official enrollment recorded by the State of Idaho, which has a state longitudinal data collection system that allows the state department of education to monitor each student's enrollment and attendance.  This information is updated every November.


    Our Students

    Number of students: 3,477 (Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade)

    Ethnicity / race:

    • White: 56%
    • Hispanic: 40%
    • Other: 4%

    Program participation

       Free and reduced lunch: 36%

       English Learners: 17%

       Special Education: 10%

       Gifted and Talented Education: 6.3%


    Our Schools

    One PK-12 school, four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school

    • Carey Public School (PK - 12): 248 students
    • Alturas Elementary: 417 students
    • Bellevue Elementary: 253 students
    • Ernest Hemingway Elementary*: 353 students
    • Hailey Elementary: 470 students
    • Wood River Middle School: 726 students
    • Wood River High School: 927 students
    • Silver Creek High School: 46 students

              *Renamed Ernest Hemingway STEAM School