• We did it!  We successfully moved to Windows Active Directory. Thanks to all of you who came to the training sessions in the Spring of 2018 and remembered how to login at the start of school.  Way to go!


    "Why do we need a strong password anyway?" "I don't care if someone reads my email or logins to my computer." "I clicked on the attachment because it was sent from someone I know."

    These comments send a cold shiver down my spine. In today's online world, we are like sheep munching away on the trail, oblivious to the predators lurking in the shadows. If a cyber intruder gains access to one system, it can be used to dive deeper into our network to plant malicious code or steal data. What if our HVAC system was compromised and there was no way to regulate the heat in your classroom? What if a list of employees social security numbers was exposed? What if student data was stolen and we had no idea of the loss? What if all the files on every computer and server were encrypted by ransomware and every computer in the district had to be wiped clean and all data was gone? 

    These are real threats that have happened to other school districts. Be cyber aware and take precautions with your online credentials. Protect yourselves and our students.

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