• This is your Technology Team


    The Technology Team in Blaine County School District is ready and able to address all of your tech needs.  Whether it's Prometheans, Google Apps, Skyward, door security, web filtering or simply a quick question along the way, we are all here for you.  But who are the people behind the wizardry?  We asked each member of the team 5 questions to learn more about what makes them tick.  These were the questions:

    1. How long have you worked here?
    2. Where did you work before?
    3. What is your favorite memory inside a school?
    4. What's the most used app on your phone?
    5. What technology are you surprised people still use?
    6. What's your rainy day activity?


    Jared Ramsey

    1. 14 years
    2. Dell tech support, DirecTV Tech support, Atkinsons
    3. I was at Hemingway and had just fixed the projector so the class could collaborate interactively, the entire class thanked me and one student made a thank you card
    4. Gmail
    5. Fax machines
    6. Catch up on some reading

    Shawn Williams

    1. 3 years
    2. Maestro Technology Solutions
    3. Pushing Katrina Kolman around the office and down the hall in an office chair
    4. Actual augmented reality like Microsoft is claiming with the Hololens, I think it will revolutionize everything.
    5. Moana, jk probably The Matrix or Frozen.


    Ben Anderson

    1. Lots of years
    2. Astronaut
    3. Graduating 5th grade
    4. Internet connected toasters
    5. The Twlight Series.  


    Verónica Villaseñor

    1. 16 years
    2. Bellevue Elementary
    3. "Sweet stories" at BES. Our principal used to end our meetings with a sweet story that anyone had to share. The best part was a candy bar was handed out afterward!
    4. Gmail
    5. Fax machines
    6. On the couch watching Twilight with my favorite blanket!


    Bradley Thompson

    1. X
    2. X
    3. X
    4. X
    5. X
    6. X

    Robert Heidbreder

    1. X
    2. X
    3. X
    4. X
    5. X
    6. X


    Paul Zimmerman

    1. 11 years
    2. The Community Library in Ketchum Idaho
    3. Working with Google and Nintendo on BCSD projects.
    4. Google Calendar
    5. Facebook
    6. Brewing beer and listening to music.