Goal One - Inspire

  • Bulb Goal One



    All students will be Inspired to develop intellectual curiosity through meaningful opportunities.  


    1. Foster purposeful and relevant experiences. 

    2. Build a positive culture of relationships.

    3. Support student autonomy and creativity.

    4. Foster and develop outdoor education opportunities. 



    Goal 1: All students will be inspired to develop intellectual curiosity by 2020 through meaningful opportunities as measured by:
    Greater details on the data are included in the Strategic Plan Monitoring document. Annual Measures
      2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20
    Curiosity dimension on the Student Engagement Survey.  N/A


    (4 pt. scale)

     3.03 (4 pt. scale)

     Elementary: 87.3% Agree

    Secondary: 84.1% Agree

    Student Engagement Survey: "My classes are interesting."  N/A


    (4 pt. scale)

     2.98 (4 pt. scale)

     Elementary: 71.9% Agree

    Secondary: 48.8% Agree



    School Climate Survey

    Parent feedback: "Classroom activities keep my child interested in learning."

    N/A 77% agree/strongly agree  81% agree/strongly agree  N/A