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photo of milk dispensers from idaho millk products Idaho Milk Products has donated two milk dispensers to help Blaine County School District in their efforts to reduce the use of plastic milk bottles. Idaho Milk Products was contacted by Julia Scarborough, Director of Food Services for Blaine County School District, looking for information on grants or funding in order to purchase some type of milk dispenser that would allow students to drink from glasses, eliminating the use of plastic milk bottles in their cafeteria and helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

“Blaine School District is making efforts to teach our students the nutritional value milk plays in their everyday lives, the importance of the dairy industry in Idaho, the environmental aspects and impact plastics could have on the environment,” commented Ms. Scarborough. “This will also help eliminate waste by allowing students to pour only what they wish to drink, in a reusable glass cup.”

“When I was contacted by Julia from Blaine County School District with a request for help procuring a milk dispensing machine, I was intrigued by their desire to continue serving the goodness of milk to their students while cutting down on the environmental impact of plastic containers and wasted milk,” said Ron Hayes, Marketing Manager at Idaho Milk Products. “At Idaho Milk Products, we care a lot about kids and milk and it just so happened that we had a couple of dispensers I thought might fit their needs. It turned out to be a great way to solve their needs and at the same time help kids. I call that a win-win.”

Thank you, Idaho Milk Products!

(Pictured left to right, Pedro Garcia Vega, Maintenance for the Blaine County School District and Ron Hayes, Marketing Manager for Idaho Milk Products)