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Dear Blaine County Neighbors, 

What a caring place for our children to live!  The last quarter of this school year has been a tough one for all of us as we have abided by Stay-at-Home orders and conducted school at a distance.  Many of the traditional end of year celebrations were missed by our students.  However, some new celebrations were planned and executed with your help.  Signs honoring graduating seniors sprung up throughout the county and your ‘honks’ of celebration as you drove by the signs were greatly appreciated. 

There were also numerous parades and drive-thru celebrations from Alturas’ Dio de las Ninos parade, to Carey’s graduation parade, to Bellevue’s advancement parade, to Hailey’s drive-thru advancement ceremony, to Hemingway’s advancement parades, to WRHS’s graduation parade and finally to the SCHS drive-thru graduation. We are so grateful to all the community members who came out to cheer, hoot, and holler to help our students celebrate.  Parents, grandparents, and community members turned out in force.  We appreciate you. 

Also adding to the celebration were a host of first responders who helped guide the parades and added pizzazz, lights, and sirens. We are extremely grateful for your support of our students and your spirit of celebration.  First responders helping us with all these celebrations included: Idaho Highway Patrol, Blaine County Sheriff Department, Hailey Police Department, Bellevue Marshall, Ketchum Police Department,  Carey Fire Department, Hailey Fire Department, Bellevue Fire Department, Ketchum Fire Department, Sun Valley Fire Department, and Wood River Fire and Rescue. Thank you for being a part of the celebration. 

With gratitude, 

GwenCarol Holmes, Superintendent 

Heather Crocker, Communications Director

Dave Stellers, Student Safety Supervisor

Brad Henson, Alturas Principal 

Mark Sauvageau, Bellevue Principal 

John Peck, Carey School Principal 

Toni Boush, Hailey Elementary Principal

Stephanie Wallace, Hailey and Hemingway Vice Principal 

Tish Short, Ernest Hemingway STEAM School Principal 

Fritz Peters, WRMS Principal 

Rob Ditch, WRMS Vice Principal 

Mike Gleen, SCHS Principal 

John Pearce, WRHS Principal 

Julia Grafft, WRHS Vice Principal 

Keith Nelson, WRHS Vice Principal