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Recognizing Excellence: Amy Kolb & Blaire Sant

The BCSD Board of Trustees is thrilled to recognize Amy Kolb and Blaire Sant, who both teach at Hailey Elementary School!
The following accolade was submitted by Robin Walker and Becky Glenn:
“This year has been very challenging for all teachers and staff and we appreciate all of them! We would like to nominate and acknowledge Blaire Sant and Amy Kolb, who have been exceptionally patient and resilient while teaching our younger students this year. 
We recognize all the hard work and time it takes to teach in such a diverse atmosphere. They continue to be positive and caring to all their students. These two are doing an awesome job! 
Their dedication to teaching and their caring attitudes definitely contribute to the ‘Heart of Hailey’ atmosphere here at Hailey Elementary! Thank you for the wonderful job you continue to do! We appreciate you.”